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When JM Construction was established in 1984 as a family-owned business in Wilkes Barre, PA, we vowed to give our community the best construction service possible with the best prices. Honesty is our priority.

Quality materials installed by properly trained and supervised craftsmen that are reliable, friendly, and respectful of your home and property has made us the best Insulation and remodeler in our area today. We will attend to every customer need personally; we never use subcontractors



 Why Worry About Insulation?

Up to 90% of all heat loss of a building can be eliminated or significantly reduced through the effective use of insulation. Fortunatley, having the proper amount of insulation installed is the easiest, quickest and the most cost effective to alleviate these issues.

Sidewall Insulation

Do you feel cold  in your bedroom?  Do you feel drafts while sitting on your couch?  Are your walls cold to the touch?

Then your home needs wall insulation!

Side wall insulation is not only good for reducing your energy bills, but it will also make you more comfortable in your home. Side wall insulation is great for sound reduction as well as eliminating drafts.


The Process is Simple


Remove siding and drill hole

The siding is removed and a hole is drilled.  All types of siding can be removed, vinyl, aluminum, shingles clapboards and even asbestos! The hole is then plumbogged and felt with wires to find any hidden block or brace that could occur in the houses structure. The worker then measures to the next block or stud and makes an appropriate hole.


The insulation is blown in at such high pressure that it is firmly packed within the wall cavity. Insulation can be blown in using the multiple hole technique or the fill tube method.

Plug Hole

A foam plug is placed in the hole to prevents any water from entering the wall cavity.

Put original siding back

Once sealed the original siding can put back. Galvanized finish nails are used for shingles and clapboards which provide great holding power without tarnishing. JM NorthEast Energy can reinsulate through almost every type of siding (I.E. Brick cannot be done from the outside)


The wall is now water tight and fully insulated


ATTIC Insulation

Existing Homes
Owens Fiber Glass Attic Insulation is a cost effective way to increase the energy efficiency of your existing home. Our insulation can be blown on existing attic insulation as well as in existing walls. The cost of installation can be recouped quickly in heating and cooling savings. Upgrading attic insulation from three inches to 12 inches can cut your heating bills by 20 percent – and air conditioning bills by 10 percent.



Although Insulation is our primary focus we have over 30 years of experience with all phases of construction from windows & doors to decks & additions.

Contact Us today to discuss your project. 



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